Shava “Indigo’s”

From the very beginning, our unpublished philosophy at Shava Creation has been
“How else to Be, than to be Different”
Its a path which keeps us, after more than 30 yrs, still, Different.
At Shava we introduced textiles/shawls in collections which were, though part of it, remained Unique Pieces – they were never ever repeated again.
We then initiated Unique Pieces with our, by now renowned, prints.
Around 20 years back, we took our ultimate challenge and leaped ahead to create  Unique Pieces in Weaves.  This gave birth to our Shava Signature Cashmeres.  Each piece  can be identified as part of a collection, but again each one is a Unique Piece.  Shava Signature Cashmeres are created out of the finest Cashmere that is Handspun & Handwoven (obviously).
It has been a world First and till date remains so!
The latest in this line are the Indigo’s, which has received its final (no soap or detergent) dip in the ice cold lakes of our beloved Kashmir.  The effect is incredibly close to the legendary (now banned) Shah-Toosh.
If you are a patron then you might have to wait for a little while, as the first bespoke piece (in the picture) has already gone to Mrs.Meier of Zurich. A connoisseur and a long time Shava collector.  Thank you.
Contact us for your Unique Piece.  Or better come meet us at Zurich or Munsingen.
In the picture – Paired here with Shava Paisley on Pure Linen in natural hues of Indigo. Also a Unique Piece and also gone to Mrs Meier of Zurich.


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