The Copper Bottle

After receiving enormous encouragement for the copper ball, we are pleased to announce the addition of the the Shava Copper Bottle to our product portfolio.  The Copper bottles are made from 100% pure 16 gauge copper and are embossed with the Shava logo.


If you have never used a copper bottle for drinking water, please do read the following:

  • Drinking water from a copper vessel is a long standing Ayurvedic practice. Health benefits attributed to drinking water stored in copper bottles includes improved digestion, may aid weight loss, slows down ageing, boosts skin health and is anti-inflammatory.
  • Oxidation of copper occurs as a result of exposure to air through water. This results in a formation of a layer which may look like tarnishing on the bottle. This does not impact the effectiveness of the bottle.
  • Clean the bottle as you would other utensils in the kitchen. Keep the bottle away from acidic liquids like vinegar and wine.  
  • Use this Shava Copper Bottle for storing only water. Leave the water overnight for best results. Water from the bottle will not taste any different. Do not use it for storing any other liquids like juices, vinegar or alcohol.

Wishing you happiness and health.

Catherine and Ravi


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