Shava Unique

I really don’t know of any (shawl) brand where part of the collection are made of Unique pieces.

The popular word, at the moment, in the world of fashion is, Bespoke!!

Its being used tirelessly, till it will lose its meaning.

The commonly tailored suits (which growing up in India was/ and is still the norm) is now called Bespoke!!

Now what does one do in a Shawl that makes it Unique or Bespoke?

In very brief, a Shava Unique piece possibly went through:

  • The process of selecting authentic raw Cashmere wool
  • Which is then hand spun to a required fineness
  • The creative process of discussions on concept, design, weaving structure and weight
  • The yarns being hand dyed and fixed into myriad of colors
  • On a handloom weaving table specially prepared for this unique piece
  • Following which the weaving process can take anything between 10 months to 3 years

And this will never ever be repeated for another piece.

This is what makes it a “Shava Unique”.  Come and experience some of these pieces for yourself at our Zurich and Munsingen stores.



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